The massages are one of the best ways we have to make our muscles recover from the effort of exercise. Indeed, stretching is highly recommended when relieving tensions.

When we talk about Thai massage, many people think of erotic movies and massages associated with this. Nothing has to do with this massage technique or the benefits it brings us with this sexual pleasure. Quite the contrary, since Thai massage is anything but happiness since they do not conceive muscle recovery without a slight discomfort that will relieve us of the accumulated tension in the muscles and the pain derived from it.

The massages lead to a deep state of relaxation and relieve us both physically and mentally, so they are an excellent alternative to put an end to one week and start another forcefully. In recent years, Thai massage has become primarily known which receives influences from Ayurvedic medicine and combines pressure and extension movements of yoga and shiatsu to improve flexibility, promote proper blood circulation and ultimately benefit the overall health of the body.

What is Thai Massage?

Science of Thai massage Developed from The stance of the yogis of the Hermit Chiapi Pray for many hours a day. Also known as “Ruesi Datton” is a physical exercise or acrobatics to ensure complete physical and mental health. There is also a by-product of To cure various ailments, such as resolving wind diseases, whole body, aching pain, etc.


Thai massage is a type of massage which is a science of healing and treatment of disease in Thai traditional medicine. It focuses on the characteristics of pressing, rolling, bending, bending, pulling, baking and pressing, which are commonly known as “Traditional massage”. Thai massage is not just to treat the pain But still good for health and can cure the disease Because the massage will directly affect the body and mind by using artistic touch.


Thai massage is a way to eliminate the organism the negative tensions caused by exercise or the stress of everyday life. Different techniques of muscle manipulation are used through massages and stretching for which parts of the body are used, such as the feet, hands, knees. By their pressure and the action on our body.

The pressure on the affected areas to generate heat is the basis of this massage. The same goes for the foot, which is used to press major and stronger muscles. To this, we must add the stretches and postures that will make us adopt to activate the worked part. All these measures will give us a series of benefits when it comes to achieving perfect muscle and joint health.

Thai massage may divide according to objectives into two types which are

  1. Massage for relaxation is a massage to promote health. Causing the muscles to relax currently developed as an aromatherapy massage. (Aromatherapy) spa or aromatherapy
  2. Massage for treatment is a massage for a specific purpose in the treatment of disease or treating the patient, such as massage, shedding stiff neck massage loosen the ankle line, turn over.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Here are some of the benefits of Thai massage. Do not forget that we work with techniques of inhibition and fascial release and that we use passive mobilizations and stretching. But first of all, remember to adapt to the uniqueness of each patient. The main benefit it will bring us will be the activation and irrigation of blood in the worked area. This will allow a better and faster recovery and maintain good health in the area. By eliminating tensions in the worked area, we will get this body part to be unlocked, and the appropriate muscle tone is recovered, thus allowing the joints to be released and avoiding the stiffness that causes future injuries.

Thai massage will not only help us improve our general condition, but it will promote joint mobility and flexibility of our body. Not only does this offer us, but it will also help us strengthen the joints and thus avoid possible injuries arising from daily or sporting activity. To this, we must add the body awareness that we will have, since it accentuates and improves little by little, making us control our body much better.

When it comes to playing sports, it will make things easier for us, since it facilitates the breadth of movement and with it the correct execution of the exercises and their postures. We must not forget that the performance of this type of massage will help us to improve our internal energies and with it the projection at the time of exercising since we will find ourselves more plethoric and full of strength when performing the different routines of the training. We must not forget that the psychological benefits are high, as it will serve as a method of relaxation and a great escape valve. The Thai massage works on the ‘meridians’ of the body to eliminate the blockages that cause tension, nerves, etc., so after its completion, you will notice that your body is relaxed. They say it increases positivism and puts the patient in a good mood, so it is excellent for those days when you can’t stand anyone.

Thai massage can conclude of benefits below:

  • Unlock our energy flow
  • Promotes muscle and fascial decongestion
  • Relieve tensions
  • Recovers mobility and joint amplitude
  • Prevents diseases by stimulating our immune system
  • Reduce stress
  • Fight insomnia
  • Restart bodily functions
  • Help our muscle tone reach its proper level
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the nervous system, giving peace and tranquillity

Is Thai massage beneficial for everyone?

Despite being a very versatile technique, Thai massage is not recommended in 100% of cases. Let us enumerate some of the contraindications of Thai massage. It is not indicated in the pregnancy. It is not recommended for infectious conditions (since it is circulation stimulant), during febrile episodes, nor in cases of fibrosis and degenerative muscle diseases. It is therefore essential that the therapist knows the current state of health of the patient.

What does it feel like after a Thai massage?

After a session of Thai massage, each person perceives different sensations; We could even say that experiences vary according to our physical and mental state of the day. In general, apart from relaxing, the impression we have left is of liberation, it seems as if our body resets. We feel that internal mechanisms are restarted that facilitate awareness of our body and face daily routines with higher energy. Also, of course, to release our physical tensions and joint restrictions.

How often should it be taken in a Thai massage?

It will always depend on the current state of the patient. The benefits of both physical and energetic Thai massage are evident from the first session. Although to optimize and increase recovery, certain regularity is recommended, and the first sessions approach in time. Once the appropriate level of improvement is reached, it will be taken regularly as maintenance.

Wrong massage, more dangerous than ever

First, we have to understand that Thai massage can be harmful to our bodies as well. If the massage is done in the wrong way, such as the massage is not skilled enough. We have certain medical conditions that may respond to massage violently. The disadvantage of massage that is common is Bruising from massage that is too strong may cause inflamed muscles, redness, swelling. If repeated occurrences more often, it will cause fascia.

source: Thai traditional medicine