The santol is an exotic fruit, also called scientifically Sandoricum koetjap is a fruit highly prized throughout Southeast Asia. The santol slightly like a particular peach flavor, which contains large amounts of vitamins B and C and many minerals, which allows providing benefits that help prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and cancer as morinda does.

Vitamins -Santol Fruit contains a large number of vitamins B and C. Therefore, scurvy can be avoided, which is an excellent antioxidant to help prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and cancer. And because it contains a large number of B vitamins that improve our mood, increases our metabolism, and contains folic acid to prevent congenital disabilities.

What is santol?

This fruit grows on a tree of the same name whose rapid growth can reach 45 m in height. It is grown in the tropical area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Asia, and its globe shape resembles a peach. Santol can be seasonally abundant in local and international markets. 

Santol fruit

The santol is eaten fresh by removing the seeds (which are not edible), raw or with the addition of spices, as well as cooked and confit for the preparation of soft drinks, sweets, jams, and canned or canned.

Healing uses

Santol can use the prevention of various diseases such as cardiovascular, immunological, digestive cerebrovascular, and even cancer.

Santol Fruta provides the human body with a large number of vitamins and minerals, helping to prevent various diseases such as:

1. Vitamin C: constituting an excellent antioxidant to prevent aging.

2. Vitamin B: helping to improve our mood, increase our metabolism

3. folic acid: to prevent congenital disabilities.

4. acid and sandorinic bryonotic acid: for the prevention and treatment of strong allergic skin reactions.

5. Carbohydrates: as a source of energy for the body, perfect for active people.

6. phosphorus and calcium: to strengthen bones.

7. iron: for anemia and strengthen the immune system

8. Pectin: ideal to calm the gastrointestinal tract and reduce cholesterol.

Benefits of Santol fruit

Allergies – Santol fruit is ideal for allergies. If someone has allergies eating some Santol fruit, it is essential, as it contains a large amount of Sandorinic Bryonotic acid and acid. Both have been studied as useful agents for the prevention and treatment of allergies.

Contains – Santol Fruit also contains carbohydrates for energy, phosphorus, and calcium to strengthen bones, in addition to iron for anemia and pectin that is ideal for calming the gastrointestinal tract and lowering cholesterol.

Reduces cholesterol – Santol fruit contains soluble fiber and pectin, which helps lower cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Immune system stimulant – Because Santol Fruta also contains fiber lots and lots of large fiber is ideal for creating an excellent environment to boost probiotic bacteria that strengthen our immune system. And it also contains quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant to increase immunity.

Skin problems – Santol fruit contains a natural steroid sapogenin and alkaloids that help treat skin rashes, psoriasis, and other skin diseases because it is a natural precursor to cortisone. And Santol leaves can be crushed and used to treat irritated skin.