Moringa superfood is fantastic! 

Moringa, a hot topic recently, has abundant nutrients and is said to have various effects on diet, anti-ageing, health, and beauty. Introducing what Moringa is, the effective way of taking Moringa, and recommended items.

 This tree is the most nutritious vegetable discovered to date. It grows about 3-4 centimetres a day and reaches 15 meters high. All its parts are used: the leaves, the pods and their seeds, which are very coveted and difficult to obtain because they contain the three Omega fatty acids: 3, 6 and 9.

Moringa is a horseradish!

Moringa is a horseradish that is cultivated all over the world. Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients, including vitamin C seven times as much as orange and protein twice as much as milk.

Because plants originally grew up in harsh environments, they have extreme vitality and can produce various ingredients to protect themselves from harsh environments.

Moringa has nothing to do with stevia leaves, a calorie-free sweetener and suitable for diabetics since the latter sweetens while the former provides numerous benefits for the human body. Thus, it has 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants; vitamin A, C and E; minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, delaying ageing; It is diuretic, antibiotic and bactericidal; It reduces bad cholesterol and hypertension and improves liver functions.

Expected effects of Moringa

Anti-ageing, diet, and other beauty effects can be expected to be effective in improving insomnia, reducing joint inflammation, and reducing any inflammation. Moringa is a plant with a good balance of dietary fibre and minerals and a high detox effect. Recommended, especially for women who are constipated and have problems.

Constipation can cause toxins to accumulate in the body so that long-term illness can lead to bloodstains around the body. By continuing to detox, let’s change to a body that is hard to store toxins.

Moringa has many effects, but alkaloids in the roots may lead to uterine contraction and miscarriage, so it is better to avoid it during pregnancy.

An effective way of taking

Moringa is a versatile plant that can be used in almost all areas, such as seeds, stems, leaves, and flowers.

Supplements are recommended if you value the ease of drinking and their effects, while those without additives such as green juice are recommended if you want to absorb condensed nutrients. Supplements have different effects, so choose the one that works for you.

The effective time of intake varies depending on the type. The green juice type is readily absorbed when taken in the morning or before meals, and the supplement is taken after meals.

Recommended items for Moringa!

As mentioned above, those who want to take in the nutrients of Moringa well are recommended without additives such as green juice and supplements.

For those who want to take Moringa more casually, use Moringa tea. For those who care about beauty and care for skin and hair, body care goods containing “ Moringa oil ” taken from Moringa seeds are recommended.

Moringa contains high antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C, so it is increasingly used in beauty and cosmetics.

Moringa has attracted attention in various fields such as food and beauty goods such as sweets and dishes because of its high detox effect. The taste is similar to matcha, so why not try picking it up when you see it? Moringa is said to increase the diet effect by combining intake and exercise.

How to take Moringa

Way To consume the moringa powder, it is advisable to start the first five days with ΒΌ teaspoon of coffee, although it will depend on the physical activity of the person. The maximum is three grams a day.

You can mix it in juices, smoothies, smoothies, fish, meat, pasta although the ideal is to consume it at breakfast or mid-morning as it can get you to sleep.

Also, the leaves are perfect for making hot or cold infusions combining them with different citrus fruits. You can also add some leaves to your salads as if it were oregano.

As for the seeds, you can not eat more than 3-4 a day. For this, it is necessary to peel them and eat the white interior.