Don’t you know how to increase female libido? If you want to awaken your sexual desire and recover energy again in this area of ​​your life, there are some natural remedies that can help you stimulate your senses, feel more vital and improve your mood.  We give some nutritional remedies, supplements, and therapeutic techniques to increase sex drive naturally.

Do you take time with your partner? Do you feel you didn’t want him like when you started to be together? If you have been with your soulmate for years and lately, you notice that in sex, you are distancing yourself. You probably thought about ending the relationship. Quiet, surely it has nothing to do with whether you love your partner or not.  Do you know what the woman’s libido is? Do you know that the lack of it can be precisely what is happening to you?


What is women’s libido?

We currently use this term popularly to refer to a woman’s lack of desire or sexual appetite. That decrease is more common than we imagine, and on many occasions, it can lead to stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem, so it is interesting to fix it as soon as possible.

The factors that influence a low level of female libido are very varied, and the main one is the lack of estrogens ( female hormones ). Still, they can also decrease the desire to have sex due to age, imagination, education, or lifestyle.

To increase libido and feel the same desire again to practice sex that we had long ago, you can try the following techniques.

Take care of your diet to increase libido

It is about eating foods that help us increase libido. Still, periodically, it is useless to eat a spoonful of cinnamon (which we know is an aphrodisiac), wait for it to work as if by magic, and eat your partner with kisses in how much I enter through the door.


Including these foods in your diet is the best to boost libido :

  • Strawberries and raspberries: what interests us about these fruits are their seeds. They are rich in zinc, a mineral that helps increase desire. We already told you how to preserve strawberries with some home remedies.
  • Figs: they are rich in beta-carotene, which stimulates the production of sex hormones, and also regulates estrogen and provides energy to the body.
  • Almonds: essential fatty acids and vitamin E are plentiful, which favor the production of sex hormones and help increase sexual desire. Also, they give off a smell that is very exciting for women.
  • Asparagus: They contain folic acid, which is a vitamin that stimulates the production of histamine that is related to female libido.
  • Pumpkin seeds: they are very rich in zinc and contain tyrosine. They help improve blood circulation and provide a greater sense of well-being.
  • Nuts: apart from being a real vice, they also contain zinc and magnesium that improves your sex life.
  • Avocado: not only is the quintessential trendy fruit among its components but is also a micronutrient called vitamin E, which is popularly known as “the sex vitamin. Its vitamin B6 and potassium content favor the sexual impulse and its folic acid content provides more energy.
  • Banana: they contribute to increased libido and sexual appetite because it contains bromelain, potassium, and vitamin B.
  • Watermelon: apart from being an aphrodisiac food, when consumed, it relaxes the blood vessels and produces an increase in nitric oxide.
  • Saffron: it has been proven, it increases sexual appetite thanks to a substance called crocin.
  • Oysters: I don’t tell you anything new, maybe you already knew it was a super sexual food. Get used to cooking with these elements or keep them present for your pecking between hours, you will see how the situation with your partner changes little by little. Oysters increase desire due to its high content of zinc and aspartic acid. Its aphrodisiac properties are very potent, so it can help increase libido in women.
  • Bluefish: these types of fish are the richest in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve the nervous system and mood, thus positively influencing levels of desire and sexual performance.

Aphrodisiac herbs for women

Another of the home remedies to feel like making love is to go to the aphrodisiac herbs. In nature, we also find many medicinal herbs with powerful aphrodisiac properties that can increase our energy, improve sexual appetite, as well as physical and mental well-being. What to take to increase desire in women? Some of the best aphrodisiac plants for women are:

  • Ginseng: has positive effects on mood and improves physical endurance thanks to the antioxidants it contains.
  • Mint: stimulates the nervous system and is excellent for improving blood flow, including that of the pelvic area.
  • Gingko Biloba improves blood circulation, reduces stress, and brings vitality.
  • Dong Quai: it is another of the aphrodisiac herbs for women since it influences the production of estrogens and helps maintain adequate levels of sexual desire and excitement in women. Estrogens decrease considerably in the menopause stage, so it is an excellent plant to increase the desire of menopausal women.
  • Muira Puama: it is a great natural stimulant that, in addition to increasing desire, helps in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and impotence.

Exercise to increase libido

Practicing sports, in general, improves our health and with the proper routines, will also help us in the search for sexual desire. We have to focus mainly on exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor or Kegel exercises that help you enhance the abdomen and muscles of the pelvis. 

Some of these exercises can be quickly done at home:

  • Raise the pelvis: Lie on a mat and place a softball or cushion under the sacrum, bend your knees, and with your arms attached to your body, lift the pelvis. If you do a series of 10 every day, you will strengthen your muscles, and your sexual experiences will be much more pleasant.
  • Connect with the abdomen: Lie on the mat face down with one leg bent as if you were a dancer. Relax and place your head on your arms, then we have to do the same as with the contractions, but squeezing the buttocks.
  • Controlled contractions: This time, we will stand on all fours supporting the forehead in our hands. First of all, you should relax and separate your knees a little, then start to tighten your abdomen as if you were gutting. We will also do a series of 10 but holding about 8 seconds at a time.

There are many more exercise routines that you can practice on your own or if you prefer, ask your trainer, he will guide you on other exercises that you can practice.

Change the routine to increase libido

When the method enters the bedroom, it is usually when women notice more the lack of sexual appetite. And is that always do the same tires, do not you think? You can try some of these tips to combat monotony and get libido up:

  • Use sex toys: Chinese balls, vibrators, rings, even using handcuffs, or creating a roll usually works. It is not that you have to use them every time you get into bed, but from time to time, it will be useful for you to wish each other again.
  • Start with preliminaries: Going to the point, it shouldn’t work here, convince your partner to play a little before entering into a partner.
  • Help yourself from the Kama Sutra: With so many different positions to which we can resort, why not change? You can try a new one every time. You may even discover new sensations.
  • Take your time: Try to lengthen the intercourse as much as possible, kiss you hug, you like the situation and not be something cold and fast.

Other tips to increase sexual desire in women naturally


Other home remedies to feel like making love that you can put into practice are the following:

  • Stress in many cases is behind that lack of sexual desire, so it is recommended that you reduce it and learn to relax. You can exercise daily, practice disciplines such as yoga or pilates or learn meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Try to be innovative in the sexual sphere, dare to try new things and discover with your partner new ways to give you pleasure. In this way, you will avoid the monotony and that the levels of sexual desire decrease with the passage of time.
  • If you feel that any problem with your partner, does not allow you to enjoy your sexuality as before, it is important that you convey to your boy how you feel and can look for the solution to the problem together.
  • It is important that you overcome your physical complexes if you have them. When we learn to accept our bodies as it is and we feel comfortable with ourselves, we get to enjoy our sexuality much more.

Now that you know how to increase libido, talk to your partner first, communication is also one of the critical factors to achieve all your goals.