This is how Cameron Diaz takes care

Cameron Diaz told every one of the protagonists of this photoshoot he made in New York for Your Body Book, his nutrition and fitness information book that has been printed ago Only five times at the USA. With the accelerated soul of a sports trainer and camera in hand, the celebrity photographed 40 women chosen for the healthful connection they have with his or her physique. They were of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and fashions. Everyone came dressed in their sportswear; no one told them exactly what to wear, nor did they wear makeup. The thought was that they appeared as natural as you can.

Do you know how to nourish your body correctly? Do you drink enough water? What exercise do you practice? What are the parts of your body that you like most? Do you like your ass? By asking those questions, Diaz met and joked with his makeshift models during the photos and with his answers began the investigation, supported by the journalist Sandra Bark, for this the book in which he mixes his fitness and beauty tips with an acceptance message.

“I expose only necessary truths in a society where women are forced to constantly compare themselves with others to determine who is thinner and prettier instead of enhancing what each one is,” he says in its pages. What the actress wanted to emphasize, both in the book and in promotional interviews, is that The Body Book is not a guide to get fast results but a compendium of data to make a long-term change of life.

The transformation for her occurred over 15 decades back when she knew the acne that had complexed her because her teenage years had been directly about the manner she fed. “My brother worked in a local Taco Bell and that I have to have eaten every day for ages. And because the weight wasn’t an issue for her, it was not commanded, and little by little, her epidermis paid the results. That’s the reason why in his book, he highlights the importance that little changes can cause wellbeing. “It does not matter what physical condition you’re in. Your body is a system capable of doing wonders. That is why I want you to have all the Essential information to Look after it.” The 288-page book can be found on Amazon and costs roughly $ 9,000.

And it is precisely in the first of his books where the American actress affirms that we are what we eat and that the general health of a body is firmly related to what is ingested and how it is digested. In this way, Cameron declares war on junk food, ultra-processed foods and sugars that make digestion difficult and makes us feel bloated.

The American actress has just launched a handy book to help readers overcome the temptation of diets too high in calories. A complicated challenge that Cameron Diaz has to face every day and that, as she admits, Sometimes it makes him suffer “in silence.” “The truth is that it is not easy to resist certain products that make your stomach start to roar. The other day it passed through an establishment of a famous fast-food chain and, after several minutes fighting against myself in silence, I decided that I would not go in. But my stomach made things very difficult for me, thankfully I’m developing great willpower, “he joked in conversation with the American magazine Self.

An essential trick not to think about junk food is to keep the mind occupied continuously, according to Cameron Diaz, in addition to becoming aware of the consequences that an unhealthy diet has both physically and mentally. “That day could have finished with the stocks of the restaurant if I had not had a day full of work ahead, but that is when you have to ask yourself what benefits you will get from such a practice. Chewing it, swallowing it and then eliminating it does not mean that will not generate a negative effect on you, “said the interpreter, who over the years has also developed a great fondness for fitness and cardiovascular exercises.

“Right now, I am not at my best at the physical level, but at least I try to go to the gym regularly. Before filming the first movie of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ in 2000, I did not do any exercise, and before start recording, I just quit smoking. Now I have other habits, “he said.